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Community at the BrainSpace collaborative coworking office is alive and well.

Community is about interaction and cooperation. It brings people together and it allows those with skills to transfer their knowledge to those who will benefit.

The community at BrainSpace, where hot desking is welcomed, extends further than to those who choose to enjoy the benefits of shared office space and the resources sharing an office brings. It encourages those small and micro business owners who choose to work from home, to get out and mix it with likeminded freelancers and professionals.

Everyone wins.

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Our Stories

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What is BrainSpace?

BrainSpace is designed to generate collisions and collusions, inspire discussion and debate, and by doing so, sow the seeds of skills and knowledge amongst its members and connections.

Be energised by your work (even for a short time), meet, hear, talk and laugh with some of the brightest minds around, thrive in a workplace that stands for something and which practices what it preaches.

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ABOUT Co-Working

Collaborative co-working is a growing worldwide trend that derives its popularity from its ability to grant freedom to those working from a home office, a busy coffee shop, or a confining office cubicle, and connect them with like-minded people. BrainSpace, sponsored by Accross Business, is an innovative coworking community designed to encourage social entrepreneurship by creating a space where smart people can think, inform and connect.

Precisely as the name itself implies, BrainSpace offers room to expand your mind and make new connections, learn from others across a multiple of disciplines, generations, backgrounds, and skill sets, and create new ideas in the process. Networking can be a painful, time-consuming, and not often fruitful process, but put smart motivated and creative innovators and entrepreneurs in a room and see how powerful a network can be!

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At BrainSpace we encourage thought leadership amomng our business enterprise members.

Thought leaders are those who don't simply accept the status quo. They are continually searching for a better way to engage their community and colleagues. Thought leaders help generate new ideas that provide our communities and our customers with a better experience.

These are the ideas that make our lives better.

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The Shared Office

We are different. Our atmosphere is professional, while at the same time our work environment is relaxed. We even take the time to share a meal.

Our members will say that BrainSpace is what a serviced office should be. It is somewhere they can work, an office where their clients can feel important, and somewhere they can enjoy the interaction and collaboration only a shared facility can provide.

At BrainSpace, we offer casual, part-time and permanent office space and friendly conversations. Our affordable solutions will get you out of the home office, out of the coffee shop and provide you with opportunities to grow.

If you would like to take advantage of a low cost collaborative workspace that is tailored to suit your needs, contact us now.

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Video Facility

Video blogging is becoming a necessity in many marketing action plans and BrainSpace has responded. Our video recording facility, equipped with green screen and lighting is suitable for basic blogging and marketing pieces. It is a good place to start.

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You tell us!

Here's some session topics we have in mind.

  • Thought Leadership
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Contrarian Series

The possibilites are limited by your imagination.

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